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Kelowna Tours is one of Kelowna’s and the Okanagan Valley’s leading tourism businesses. Our Okanagan and Kelowna wine tours, sightseeing tours, and adventure tours are recommended by local tourism agencies, hotels, wineries, restaurants and golf courses.


Okanagan Mountain Park wildfire which stopped travel and leisure in its wake. Despite the tragic circumstances, the company persevered and grew even larger, expanding the tour offerings and our fleet of vehicles. Today, we offer Okanagan and Kelowna bottles trips, touring trips, experience trips, and more. We are proud to be trusted industry management, offering Okanagan and Kelowna bottles trips, touring trips, experience trips, and custom trips throughout the Okanagan Area.


Best kelowna wine tours can be a little daunting so it will give you a breakdown of what needs to be seen if you only have two days to visit. Any Okanagan winery tours should first start in Naramata in the morning and then if you have enough time go further and stop in Oliver. The next day I would stick around Kelowna and visit our local wineries. Like many travelers before us, we the owners of experiencewinetours fell in love with the Okanagan Valley and made it our home. We came to appreciate quality wines. It is these fine wines we wish to share with you our guests. Experience wine tours have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from experts in the wine industry as well as wine makers and owners of these well established Okanagan wineries.


Thousands of wine tourists have enjoyed meeting the Experience wine tours family. We bring experience and fun to our tours. You will always see the passion we have for this industry and wish for you to bring home a little piece of the ultimate Okanagan wine experience.

Naramata Bench is home to some of most highly acclaimed Okanagan bottles of wine makers to visit, each in a beautiful setting, each offering a selection of award winning Naramata Regular bottles of bottles of wine. Some provide a wide range of full-bodied, barrel aged reds, delightful whites, and ice bottles of bottles of wine and even sparkling bottles of wine. Others are small store containers creators where often the winemaker is behind tasting room counter. Taste the containers of containers in a bottles of wine of bottles of wine shop before you buy or try them with a leisurely meal. Several of these Okanagan containers creators offer choices ranging from a light lunch or snack to gourmet dining. Can’t make it to the Okanagan? Many Naramata Regular containers creators offer the option to buy Naramata containers of containers on-line. Order Naramata Regular bottles of bottles of wine to be delivered from your bottles of wine shop direct to your door. All tours include complimentary wine tastings, vineyard walk, wine education, explanation of the art of wine making and transportation to and from the hotel, resort or residence.

Every tour is unique and exciting with experiencewinetours. Featured wineries are chosen in part to where you are staying. Please inform Club Wine Tour staff so we may assist you better. Experiencewinetours has developed strong partnerships with the tourism wine family. We enjoy meeting, sharing knowledge and showcasing this incredible wine country throughout the Okanagan to destinations such as Kelowna, Osoyoos, Oliver, Naramata, Summerland, Peachland, West Kelowna, Winfield and so much more. For more information visit the site http://experiencewinetours.ca/


Experience of Wine Tours


Experiencewinetours provide Kelowna and Okanagan wine tours services. Start your unique Kelowna wine tour or head out into the Okanagan Valley for a wine tour. Experiencewinetours containers of wine trip Services will come to you to begin your day of experience. Choose from our customized containers journey offers or organize your own or have us personalize it according your selection of containers of wine creators. Any Kelowna area containers journey you can desire of we guarantee it will be a journey to remember. Our experienced employees will engage you with support as they information you through The Okanagan Valley’s best containers of wine creators with Okanagan’s best experiencewinetours.


During the day you can dine outdoors among the vineyards or let us make a reservation for you at one of the many restaurants in the Okanagan area. From couples to large corporate groups, our luxury naramata bench wine tours can accommodate all your needs. Call us today and get ready to have an unforgettable Kelowna limousine experience.


Experiencewinetours understands the demand for professional ground transportation service that will reflect the standards in which you deserve. When you contact experiencewinetours services, you will receive the latest model Kelowna vehicle with a professional trained chauffeur whose number one concerns are safety and service.


People interested in the wine making art can benefit from the personalized winery tours conducted in the Naramata. These personalized tours would not only take you through the panoramic landscapes of the Valley, but would also give you a detailed picture of how the world famous wines are made and bottled. There are several ways in which these tours can be enjoyed.


For those who have the fervor for only the best in life, the luxury tours are the best options. True to their name, these tours bring to you an experience of true comfort and extravagance. The day of these tours begin with a complementary glass of champagne, offering a glimpse of what to expect from the day.


Visit the “Organic Capital of Canada”, with over 40% of the plants here grown naturally, it’s easy to see how it got its name. A recent article from En Route Journal toted it as “One of the top 5 bottles areas you’ve never heard of”. Home to a variety of wine makers, natural plants and fruits appears, visitors on this trip will get an excellent understanding into the farming of both vineyard and other produce. We will trip Hacker’s Farms, and natural village that also makes excellent fruits bottles of wine under the Traditional Origins brand.

Our   Sprinter Van is a state of the art, top of the line journeying automobile that will make sure our guests generate in maximum possible convenience. Our visits have been lately designed by an knowledgeable journey information with a exclusive move on conventional containers visits that allows us to show your containers and food in this world-class increasing area.

Located high above the shoreline of Pond Okanagan, the Naramata area is one of the most attractive increasing areas on the globe. With perhaps the biggest focus of wineries in the area, our options are numerous when it comes to going to world-class wineries. For more information visit the site http://experiencewinetours.ca/ .