Okanagan Dinner & Wine Tours


Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley produces a wide variety of award winning wines. We invite all our area visitors and residents alike to join us in a most enjoyable tour visiting wineries, sampling local wines, and then to top off the experience, join a group of friends for a wonderful dinner what could be better than that not permitted to taste the wine.

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The Okanagan Area is known for its amazing wineries generating top quality wines that regularly win national and international bottles contests and recognition. Few wine-producing regions in the world can match our combination of mountains, lakes, fresh air and intense sunlight with so many grape varietals.

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Over 30 wineries are located in Kelowna with well over 200 bottles makers in the whole Okanagan Area region. The sun-drenched valley surrounding Kelowna is marked with farm-gate bottles makers too, where each vintage is adoringly bottled by hand. All bottles makers offer bottles tasting. Wine trips can last from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the vineyard.


Many wineries have unique and delicious food services available. Gourmet regional delicacies, tapas-style fare or cheese and fruit platters are served either indoors or on protected patios, all with amazing lake and valley views. Bookings are not required. Tours are open to people of all ages, however guests or youth under the age of 19 are permitted to taste the wine. Enjoy a wonderful evening with family and friends, visiting wineries, tasting fine Okanagan Valley wines and enjoying superb food!

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We offer a variety of Okanagan wine tours to suit your group, from visitors to locals out to have a great time together with friends and family. Learn a little of our area history as you sample wines, tour our Valley and enjoy our local restaurants all as one enjoyable experience.


We at Okanagan Dinner & Wine Tours would like to share our area knowledge and our sense of fun and provide you, our guests, with the Ultimate Okanagan Wine and Dinner Adventure.


We are proud to serve the entire Okanagan Valley, including Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Oliver, Lake Country, Vernon. Looking for a wine tour in any of those areas.


We offer a unique behind the scenes look at your bottles industry in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Trips operate daily presenting the wonders of the regional wineries. Join us to meet the regional vintners, walk the vineyards, indulge in a marvellous food and bottles coupling at lunchtime, appreciate exclusive tastings and so much more.


Dedicated to all comprehensive containers journey provides, trips involve pick-up and drop off from most Southeast Okanagan places, ensuring everyone can appreciate the day without concerning about any moment behind the rim. Our containers journey provides also involve all containers flavored fees, and a fabulous the afternoon meal is provided at a specially chosen cafe on full day trips. The only time you will need to bring out your pockets is perhaps to purchase a special containers or two to emphasize you of your journey.
For more information visit the site http://experiencewinetours.ca/ .


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